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    jj捕鱼挣钱‘Good Heavens, how do I know? I tell you I know nothing about it. See here,’ he added, with a change of tone, ‘there’s some trick in it. When you say you’ve seen these things I’m bound to believe you. But there’s a trick. There must be.’


    ‘Some of them. M. Dumarchez lives five doors from me in the rue de Vallorbes. M. Briant lives near the end of the rue Washington, where it turns into the Champs Elysées. The other addresses I cannot tell you off-hand, but I can help you to find them in a directory.’
    ‘His name I have already given you, Myron H. Burton. His address I unfortunately cannot, as I do not know it.’
    ‘I’m afraid you would have lost your money, then, monsieur. He was away on Wednesday right enough, but I happen to know he went to Belgium.’


    1.M. Boirac moved uneasily. The suggestion was clearly most unwelcome to him.
    2.M. Boirac shook his head.
    3.‘“I wonder had she time to call Suzanne and get properly dressed. You might send her here and then you can get back to bed.”
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