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    易彩云APP"The villain!" grunted the Doctor, putting on all the speed he could. "Let's hope he doesn't get away before we reach Fantippo."


    "I suppose they get rather tired of it, poor fellows!" murmured the Doctor.
    They asked the Doctor if he could give them any news of their beloved London. But he had to admit that he also had been away from that city for a long time. However, while they were talking Cheapside came into the lighthouse kitchen, looking for the Doctor. The city sparrow was delighted to find that the keepers were also Cockneys. And he gave them, through the Doctor, all the latest gossip of Wapping, Limehouse, the East India Docks and the wharves and the shipping of London River.
    "How uneducated you are!" snorted the pig, turning up his snout. "Ladies before gentlemen; swine before pearls!"


    2."Splendid!" cried the Doctor. And he snatched a piece of paper off the desk and started to write.
    3.The next day the post-birds complained that the mail was an extra heavy one. And when it was sorted, there were ten thick letters for Gub-Gub and none for anybody else. Jip got suspicious about this and looked over Gub-Gub's shoulder while he opened them. In each one there was a banana skin.
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